First Bite Festival 2019


Presented by China Plate and Warwick Arts Centre.  

Commissioned by Midlands Art Centre and In Good Company. 

Supported by Derby Theatre, Attenborough Arts Centre and Camden People’s Theatre

First Bite is an exciting and unique opportunity for artists/companies in the Midlands to develop new ideas and perform work in front of an audience of theatregoers and national venues/industry professionals.

We are looking for submissions from theatre makers from across the Midlands to take part in a festival of scratch performance.

First Bite will take place at 3 different venues, across 3 dates:

02nd March 2019: Midlands Art Centre 

22nd March 2019: Derby Theatre    

05th April 2019: Attenborough Arts Centre

Three of the programmed companies will go on to receive a commission of £3,000 to develop the work and to present it at its next stage, alongside a showcase of new performance work, during Bite Size at Warwick Arts Centre in January 2020.

APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED: Announcements and line up to follow in the new year. 


Previous First Bite shows include... 

Work in Progress | Belonging

Anna Poole | Gretel

Hannah Sullivan | I'll Sing From Where I'm Sitting

Paul O'Donnell | Beautiful

The Other Way Works | A Moment of Madness

Susie Sillett | The Cost of Money

The Bone Ensemble | Chocolate - The Cabaret!

Mooville Theatre CIC | SUFFERING

Maison Foo | The Interlude

Jack AG Britton | MIGHTY

Serious Business | We Are Men - Sorry

Flickbook Theatre  | Casket Case

Noctium | The Woman and the Wobbulator

The Unhidden Collective | Becoming Cicely

LaPelle's Factory | The Black Cat

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord | The Class Project

futuretheatre | 90 Days

Laura Ryder | The Bee Project


Commissioned by mac birmingham, In Good Company and Warwick Arts Centre

Supported by Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester), Derby Theatre and Camden People's Theatre

Bite Size

Bite Size Festival… the showcase for Midlands theatre making.

Presented by China Plate and Warwick Arts Centre

Commissioned by mac Birmingham and In Good Company.

18th January 2020

Bite Size 2020 is a daylong showcase for theatre makers from across the Midlands. The festival takes place on 18th January 2020 at Warwick Arts Centre and will showcase an exciting programme of work celebrating some of the most intrepid and original theatre makers from the Midlands.

Expect a diverse and exhilarating collection of shows from well-established companies alongside those you may not have seen before. Experience pieces in development, excerpts from brand new productions, full shows and work developed in London by our 2017 partner Camden People’s Theatre.

Keep an eye out for confirmation of the full line-up, events and performance times.

Previous Bite Size shows include... 
Library Lion | United Artists

The Interlude | Maison Foo

The Female Warrior | Talking Birds

Horizontal | Suriya Aisha

BULLISH | Milk Presents

An Island Nation | Francesca Millican-Slater

The Fear of Fear | Stephanie Ridings

The Audit | Proto-type Theater

Anyone's Guess How We Got Here | Barrel Organ

Elephant and Castle | Tom Adams & Lillian Henley

The Nose That Nobody Picked | David Parkin

The Black Cat | LaPelle's Factory

Captain Simon | Serious Business

SEXY | Vanessa Kisuule

Charge | Motionhouse

We've Got Each Other | Paul O'Donnell


First Bite | Bite Size

25th Mar 2017First Bite - Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester 
7th Apr 2017First Bite - Derby Theatre 
22nd Apr 2017First Bite - mac birmingham (4pm) 
22nd Apr 2017First Bite - mac birmingham (7.30pm) 
7th Oct 2017Bite Size - Warwick Arts Centre 
2nd Mar 2019First Bite - Midlands Art Centre
22nd Mar 2019First Bite - Derby Theatre
5th Apr 2019First Bite - Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester