Chris Thorpe

Chris is a writer and performer from Manchester. He is a founder member of Unlimited and also an artistic associate of Third Angel. He is making a cycle of solo pieces and continues to collaborate with companies like Slung Low, Forest Fringe, RashDash and Soup Collective, with whom he wrote and recorded the piece The Bomb On Mutannabbi Street Is Still Exploding, which has been permanently installed at the Imperial War Museum North. Chris’ plays have been produced worldwide and he has toured with Unlimited and Third Angel in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA.

His recent projects include a trilogy of plays, Overdrama, House/Garden and Dead End for Portuguese company mala voadora, which continue to tour in Europe. He is also still touring in Third Angel’s show What I Heard About The World, recently to Poland, Brazil, Germany and Lebanon.

As a playwright, Chris recently worked with Hannah Jane Walker on a commission for The Unicorn Theatre in London, and revived his hit show, There Has Possibly Been An Incident, at the Stuckemarkt in Berlin (following an invitation from playwright Simon Stephens). He also wrote Nothern Stage’s Christmas Show, Dark Woods, Deep Snow in 2013. Chris is currently writing a new show for the Royal Court and a new project for the Unicorn Theatre as well as continuing work with Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre.

China Plate are producing Chris’ latest show, Confirmation alongside director Rachel Chavkin of the US company, The TEAM.

Simon Stephens on Chris Thorpe

…his work thrills me as much as the work of any playwright I read.

Simon Stephens’ recent short essay on Chris Thorpe for the 2014 Berlin theatre festival, The Stuckemarkt.