China Plate presents 


By Urielle Klein-Mekongo

Commissioned by Bernie Grant Arts Centre

In Association with Hull 2017


Evie is thirteen and lives in Neasden with her Mum.  

She wants to tell us about something… her crush on Lewis, trying to be a woman, friends, virginity, lightys, garage remixes, hello kitty underwear… and an ‘Uncle’ who lurks in the corners of her story.

She wants to tell us something, but first she must face it for herself.

Based a true story, Yvette is a one woman show with original music about a stolen childhood and growing up with a secret.





Winner, Young Harts Writing Fest Audience Favourite 2017, Kings Head Theatre Stella Wilkie Award 2017, The East15 Pulse Award 2017. 

With huge thanks to Jesse Briton and East 15.

Yvette was first developed at East 15’s Debut Festival, a pioneering and unique event dedicated to the staging of new plays written and directed as well as performed by graduating students on the acclaimed ‘CT course’ (BA in Acting and Contemporary Theatre) developed and led by Uri Roodner. 


Awards | Press

Winner - Young Harts Writing Fest Audience Favourite 2017

Winner - Kings Head Theatre Stella Wilkie Award 2017

Winner - The East15 Pulse Award 2017 




"A raw and powerful piece" ★★★★ Theatre Bubble



Creative Team

Urielle Klein-Mekong | Writer / Performer


Rebecca Atkinson Lord | Director

Merkel Hinsching | Assistant Director

Giorgia Joseph | Designer

China Plate | Producer


With huge thanks to Jesse Briton

Now Booking

31st May 2017Back To Ours Festival - Hymers College, Hull 
1st Jun 2017Back to Ours Festival - Kingswood Academy, Hull 
2nd Jun 2017back to Ours Festival - Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Hull 
4th Jun 2017PULSE Festival, New Wolsey Theatre 
2nd Aug 2017Pleasance Below, Edinburgh Fringe FestivalBook Online