All of Me - Spring Tour 2020 Announcement


Credit: Holly Revell 

This Spring, Caroline Horton is set to tour the UK with her latest critically acclaimed solo show ‘All of Me (the possibility of future splendour)', following a multi award-winning Edinburgh run in 2019.

In an intimate and absurd exploration of wanting to live and wanting to die, Caroline reunites with director Alex Swift (Mess, How to Win Against History) to bring you the show that happens after the curtain call: strange, poetic, and against a backdrop of broken glitterballs.

★★★★★ The Independent
★★★★★ Three Weeks
★★★★ The Guardian
★★★★ The Stage
★★★★ Time Out
★★★★ The Scotsman 

Foreword to the published Methuen text:

This show was developed from a place of hopelessness. 

Now it’s made, I think it is hopeful (and dark as fuck) but hopeful nonetheless. But that’s just my opinion. 

Like many (probably all?) theatre pieces, All of Me is a lot more than these words – it’s built of sounds, music, images, games ... but that’s ok and I’m really grateful to have it here in a book. 

I started work on it in 2016, dredging the depths to find out what (if anything) I had to say. In collaboration with brilliant directors and designers, improvising and writing, writing and improvising, it (very slowly) found its way to Edinburgh in 2019 via various hair-raising work-in-progress performances. Sorry and thank you to those audiences. 

Although autobiographical, the show was also informed by conversations with people about their experiences of living with or treating addiction, depression, eating disorders or suicidal ideation. And about their experiences of recovery – about all the things recovery can mean. 

Of course, All of Me is about depression (or about my particular version of that diagnosable condition) but beyond that highly personal experience of mental illness, it is also political. I feel like the anxiety,
or exhaustion, or deep despair that so many of us share is asking us to refuse or rebel in a relentless world, where growth and progress supersede care and space to breathe. 

I will always be grateful for the experience of making this piece, and especially to Alex Swift for his brilliance, his understanding of the deep dark and his friendship for the last twenty years. 

Caroline Horton 

Credit: Holly Revell 

★★★★★ “All of Me is theatrically alive at every moment, even when conveying the deadening weight of depression. And yes, actually, it is ultimately uplifting – but by being raw, honest and elemental, rather than neat or cutesy. I loved it.” - The Independent (Holly Williams)

The show will be touring from the 20 April to the 18 June, at the following venues:

20 April - Bloomsbury Theatre 

22 April - Norwich Playhouse

24 April - The Barbican, Plymouth 

26 April - Tolmen Centre, Cornwall

30 April - The Hub at St Mary’s Lichfield 

2 May - Harlow Playhouse

5 May - Hull Truck Theatre, Hull

7 May - Cornerstone Arts Centre, Oxford

9 May - Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury

11 May - York University

13 May - The Ustinov, Theatre Royal Bath

15 May - Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales

18 – 20 May - Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

21 – 23 May - Tron Theatre, Glasgow 

27 May - Nottingham Playhouse 

28 May - The North Wall, Oxford

5 June - The Hat Factory, Luton

9 June - Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton

11 June - Corn Exchange Newbury

14 June - The Holbeck Working Men’s Club 

18 June - Pound Arts Centre 

Tickets are available, via our website: