About the Show

China Plate presents

Bristol Bus Boycott

Supported by Warwick Arts Centre

Based on an original idea by Christopher Haydon

In 1963 Bristol became the epicentre for the civil rights struggle in Britain. In response to The Bristol Omnibus Company’s refusal to employ Black and Asian conductors, four young West Indian men organised a mass boycott of their buses. Backed by students and political figures such as Tony Benn and the high commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago, their stand brought about a

sea-change in race relations in the UK – leading to the first ever legislation explicitly outlawing racial discrimination.

This upbeat musical featuring Ska, Calypso and Pop tells the story of that epic and vital fight for fundamental human rights.


The 2020 BEAM Showcase been postponed due to Covid-19. Do check back for updates on Bristol Bus Boycott development.

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Creative Team

Book / Lyrics | Roy Williams

Music / Lyrics | Tim Sutton

Director | Christopher Haydon

Producer | China Plate