Digital Darkroom

Exploring what the digital landscape looks like for small to mid-scale productions.






About Digital Darkroom

The Digital Darkroom is a new artist development programme that aims to inspire artists and producers working on studio to mid-scale productions to think creatively about what ‘digital content’ is, what their digital impact could be and what is possible at this scale of work. The project includes sector wide strategic talks, skills and knowledge development and a commissioning process.


The Digital Darkroom is delivered in partnership with New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth and Warwick Arts Centre.

Digital Discovery Webinars

Presented by China Plate and The Space as part of China Plate’s Digital Darkroom project.

Supported by New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth and Warwick Arts Centre. Supported using public funding through Arts Council England.


China Plate delivered a series of online webinars, in partnership with The Space, in April 2020.

This programme of webinars aimed to demystify the digital, and give attendees some basic knowledge and user friendly tools to help them jump in and start capturing and creating content without breaking the bank.


The webinars:

Livestreaming, a beginner’s guide – presented by Joe Bell (Sideburn Panda) and Sarah Fortescue (The Space)

This session gives you a 101 whistle-stop tour of the basics of low cost livestreaming your content, including some DIY tips to get your started. The session also includes an introduction to online distribution.


An introduction to VR, 360 & immersive experiences – presented by Dan Tucker (Art x Tech)

This session will give you a basic introduction to approaching VR, 360 and immersive technologies as both a creative practitioner and audience member.


Capturing and editing short form film content – presented by Joe Bell (Sideburn Panda)
A how to guide to curating, capturing, editing and distributing your own low cost, short form video content – with a view to who your audiences and distribution platforms might be.


An introduction to podcasting – presented by Clare Freeman (The Podcast Coach)

A beginner’s guide to creating, recording, editing and streaming/distributing your own podcast, looking at how to develop engaging content, reach audiences and access the right technologies.


Digital Darkroom Creative Exchange

The Digital Darkroom Creative Exchange took place at Warwick Arts Centre in October 2019, and brought together a small group of independent arts producers and digital platforms/specialists over 2 days to share knowledge, evaluate current digital opportunities, overcome creative challenges and explore new ways of working together to capture, distribute and create live-digital content.

The exchange explored what the 21st Century digital presence could be for independent theatre-makers and small-mid scale work, whilst also looking at the nuts and bolts of creating and distributing digital content.

Read Lyn Gardner’s account of the event here: