Hoke’s Bluff

Everything rests on this one free throw. On this one last shot. On this power play. On these last few seconds. Action Hero have got their game faces on. Bring it!


About the show

Action Hero Present

A performance by Action Hero
Co-produced by China Plate and Warwick Arts Centre
Co-commissioned by Bristol Old Vic Ferment

With a nostalgic yearning for the simplicity of a world that never really existed, Hoke’s Bluff meets its audience on the bleachers and tells them an underdog story that’s been told a million times before. By shifting and rearranging the trite narratives of high school storylines and inspiring locker room speeches, Action Hero use hackneyed formulas and cheap sentimentality to find out what it means to be a winner (on the inside).

Hoke’s Bluff navigates the curious territory in which our emotional responses to American dreams outweigh our rational understanding of what America (and the Western world) really stands for. By attempting a heartfelt and sincere rendition of schmaltzy, hackneyed underdog sports movies we gently reveal both the ambient violence and the genuine beauty that hide within these seemingly innocuous cornball stories.

Funded by Arts Council England. Action Hero are supported by Theatre Bristol’s Company Producer. 


Cast and Creative team

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Production Manager


Supported by
MEL SCAFFOLD - Theatre Bristol Company Producer


See why this maverick company, with its engaging DIY aesthetic, is attracting so much attention.

The Guardian

The key to this show’s success is that it is all done with love. A very clever piece of theatre; a cracking night out.

Total Theatre

It’s a story about stories, a fictional narrative about an already fictional world, but there’s also a mournful beauty somewhere underneath all the movie sequence spoofs and frantic flag waving.

Exeunt Magazine

Action Hero gather all of America’s defining iconography, load it into a cannon, and blast the lot over the floor of a gym hall.


We’re giving the crowd an H!
We’re giving the crowd an O!
We’re giving the crowd a K!
We’re giving the crowd an E!
We’re giving the crowd an S!
We’re giving the crowd a B!
We’re giving the crowd an L!
We’re giving the crowd a U!
We’re giving the crowd an F!
We’re giving the crowd another F!

When and Where

6th Oct 2014 - 11th Oct 2014Bristol Old Vic 
14th Oct 2014Axis Arts Centre, Crewe 
16th Oct 2014The ShowRoom, Chichester 
21st Oct 2014South Street Reading 
24th Oct 2014 - 25th Oct 2014Contact Manchester 
12th Nov 2014Falmouth University 
15th Nov 2014Brighton Dome 
17th Nov 2014 - 29th Nov 2014Shoreditch Town Hall 
2nd Dec 2014Aberystwyth Arts Centre 
4th Dec 2014 - 6th Dec 2014Warwick Arts Centre 
10th Dec 2014Plymouth University