Mad Blood Stirring: Five minutes with Chay February

Guided through Shakespeare’s original text by the Friar, speaking modern English, Romeo and Juliet – Mad Blood Stirring is an unforgettable introduction to his devastating love story. This week we catch up with Chay February who plays Tybalt. 

Photo credit: The Other Richard

Can you describe Tybalt in three words?

Aggressive, hot headed, confident.

Tybalt is know as the ‘Prince of Cats’, are you a cat or a dog person?

I’m a dog person. Dogs are better than cats! 

What is your favourite play (seen, read or worked on)?

People places & things, with Denise Gough! It was such a real performance and it’s one I’ll never forget - it’s the reason why I act! 

Romeo and Juliet is about feuding families. Which fictional family would you like to be a member of?

I couldn’t change! This place needs nothing else. 

If you could have any one supernatural power which would you choose and why?

Telepathy - I’d like to know what people really think about things! 


Romeo and Juliet – Mad Blood Stirring runs until the 23rdMarch, touring nationally to The Albany, London; The Core at Corby Cube; Z-arts, Manchester; Warwick Arts Centre; New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth and Oxford Playhouse. 

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