Mad Blood Stirring: Fives minutes with Nathan Medina

‘I genuinely thought I could end the trouble once and for all. But I got in too deep. And it all ended badly.’ – This week we catch up with Nathan Medina who plays The Friar. 


Photo credit: The Other Richard

Can you describe The Friar in three words? 

Honest, fatherly, hopeful

What can the audience expect from this production that is different to other versions of Romeo and Juliet?

The show is faster paced and exhilarating, it will be a profound experience and has real edge to it compared to the normal version - it explores alot of the scenes in depth

What is your favourite part of the rehearsal process?

Working with such a amazing director and wonderful crew and cast.

What is your favourite scene in this production?

I love the way the final scene is written but I love the music, the fights and jokes.

The Friar gives a lot of advice in the show, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice I was ever given was to pursue a career in acting, by my GCSE drama teacher. 

Romeo and Juliet – Mad Blood Stirring runs until the 23rd March, touring nationally to The Albany, London; The Core at Corby Cube; Z-arts, Manchester; Warwick Arts Centre; New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth and Oxford Playhouse. 

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