David Edgar

Playwright and contemporary political commentator David Edgar has been writing critically acclaimed plays since 1971.

Currently working with the RSC, David’s recent work includes Playing with Fire (National Theatre, 2005), Testing the Echo (Out of Joint, 2008), and If Only (Chichester Festival Theatre, 2013). Plays for the RSC include Destiny (1976), an adaptation of Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby (1980), Maydays (1983), Pentecost (1994) and Written on the Heart (RSC, 2011). David is the RSC’s most premiered playwright and his 2017 RSC adaptation of A Christmas Carol has just been revived, following a new production of his political defection play, Maydays, at the Other Place. His play about political defection, Maydays, will be revived by the RSC this year. He has won many awards, including the John Whiting award, the Society of West End Theatres best play, the Tony best play and the Evening Standard best play.

He founded Britain's first graduate playwriting course, at the University of Birmingham and his book about playwriting, How Plays Work, was published in 2009.



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