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97 years go by in a flash

An afternoon lasts an eternity 

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Riksteatern presents


By Inspector Sands 

97 years go by in a flash.

An afternoon lasts an eternity

In a care home lounge somewhere off the A1, 97 year old Sigrid Duncker’s begins the last day of her life. But she cannot go quietly. As the radiators burn and Jeremy Kyle blares, rivalries, relatives and murderous impulses jostle for space on the Axminster carpet.

By teatime, a riot is brewing.

The award-winning Inspector Sands (A High Street Odyssey, If That’s All There Is, Hysteria) shine a spotlight on how we cope, or fail to cope, with growing old.

Following on from the success of ‘The Lounge’ in Edinburgh and at The Soho Theatre in 2015/16, Inspector Sands have been commissioned by Riksteatern to develop a cultural adaption of the show by the original creative team with a Swedish cast. 

Riksteatern is the National Touring Theatre in Sweden and will tour the show to venues across the country throughout 2019. The cultural adaption will see both companies work in a new way to translate and adapt the text so it becomes culturally relevant to audiences in Sweden. Inspector Sands will work with Riksteatern to recreate some of the development process involved in creating The Lounge, including working with local medical experts, care homes and care workers. 


Swedish cast and creative team

Translation and dramaturgy
Ninna Tersman

Lucinka Eisler

Giulia Innocenti and Ben Lewis

Performed by
Malin Alme, Erik Magnusson, Gloria Tapia

Set and costume adaptation
Johanna Mårtensson

Associate lighting design for Riksteatern
Lovisa Körling

Associate sound design for Riksteatern
Magnus Larsson



Original cast and creative team 

Written and devised by 
Inspector Sands and Lu Kemp

Ben Lewis

Lu Kemp

Performed by
Lucinka Eisler, Giulia Innocenti and Ben Lewis

Set Design
Jamie Vartan

Costume Design
Yukiko Tsukamoto

Sound Design
Elena Peña

Lighting Design
Amy Mae and Sherry Coenen

China Plate 

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