Warwick Arts Centre present

Curious Objects Of Women’s Independence

Stories of finding freedom with Women of Coventry

A photograph of a woman surrounded by various objects within a gilded picture frame.
Image says 'MEAD GALLERY' in white letters within blue rectangles on a beige background.

Curious Objects Of Women’s Independence. 

Stories of finding freedom with Women of Coventry

By Dawinder Bansal

An invitation to the Women of Coventry to share your unexpected and fantastic stories of finding freedom.

Through this city-wide call out, award-winning artist Dawinder Bansal will find 150 women to be part of a major new exhibition at the Mead Gallery in May 2022 entitled Curious Objects.

Inspired by George Eliot’s seminal novel Middlemarch, the exhibition will celebrate the voices, courage and curiosity of women and the surprising ways in which they have attained independence.

Curious Objects will mark 150 years since the publication of Middlemarch and the finale of City of Culture at Warwick Arts Centre.

If you live or work in Coventry and would like to share your story, head over to the Warwick Arts Centre website to tell us about an object that for you, represents a moment or memory of finding your freedom.

Closing date for submissions: Monday 1st November 2021

Artwork design © Tony Sigley

Get Involved

If you identify as female (18+) and live and/or work in Coventry, please:

  • identify an object that, for you, represents finding freedom and/or independence

Then, using the online form – which is available here.

  • send in an image (photograph or drawing) of that object
  • tell us why that object symbolises independence for you.

For more information about the project and callout, please visit Warwick Arts Centre website.

Closing date for submissions: Monday 1st November 2021.

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