A Family Business: So what can I do now?

Written by Andrea
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21st December 2023

We’re delighted to be touring A Family Business, written and performed by Chris Thorpe, both nationally and internationally over the next few months.

The show delves into the threat of nuclear weapons on the world and all of us as individuals. It has made us think about what our next steps should be around the issue of nuclear disarmament and different ways we can make a positive impact on the world in general.

To address this we’ve produced a suite of digital resources aimed at those 14+ to help encourage those next steps.

Perhaps you…

  • Watched the show and want to know how you can help the nuclear disarmament movement?

    Download our So, What Can I Do Now? postcard which provides 5 tips on ways you can raise awareness/advocate for change.

  • Want to know more about activism and how to set-up an event in your local community?

    Follow our 10 steps to making an event happen within our resource, How to Plan an Activist Event – available to download below.

  • Are interested in how telling stories/making theatre can support spreading awareness?

    Watch our Meet the Experts video, which captures a panel discussion where experts in the field of nuclear weapons discuss how arts and culture can help to spread the word about the urgent need for disarmament, the journey of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and what an individual can do to help.

  • Would like to know more about careers in theatre or international diplomacy?

    Watch our Meet the Team: Career Chat videos where you hear from two creative team members from A Family Business and two individuals working/building careers within diplomacy that have advised on the development of the show. We ask them about what their jobs entail, how they got to where they are, and any tips for budding creatives/diplomats – demystifying pathways into these careers.

Hear from:

Chris Thorpe – writer and performer on A Family Business

Chris describes his role as a theatre maker, how he stumbled into his career by chance and worked out how to do his job just by ‘doing it’. He gives some tips on what to do if you are also interested in a career in theatre making or writing, including how to approach people whose work you admire.

Eleanor Field – costume and set designer on A Family Business

Eleanor shares what’s involved in being a theatre designer – from sketching out ideas and researching places/time periods to working with the actors once in the rehearsal room. She explains how drawing a lot(!) can really help you if you want to get into this career.

Véronique Christory – collaborator/advisor on A Family Business and Senior Arms Advisor for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Delegation to the United Nations.

Véronique explains how whilst her role is dealing with a serious issue, it is filled with hope. She provides some of the qualities you need to possess if you’d like a career in international diplomacy, including determination, courage and optimism.

Zainab Rauf Tramboo – Youth Advisor on A Family Business and member of the UN’s Youth4Disarmament programme.

Zainab tells us a bit more about her role on the show, as well as how, as a student, she became interested in working to support the nuclear disarmament campaign. She highlights 5 top tips if you are also interested in a career in this field.

Let us know what you think?

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A Family Business tours internationally and nationally between 16th January and 2nd March 2024. For further information and to book tickets, please visit the show page here.

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