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An image of hand drawn yellow laptops on a purple background, each one has the letters YP on screen.

Young Producers: What are they up to now?

16th December 2020

We catch up with Kate, one of our Young Producers alumni, to see what she has been up to since…

We catch up with Kate, one of our Young Producers alumni, to see what she has been up to since RECLAIMED Fest and how taking part in the training programme has supported her journey.

Written by Kate

The Warwick Christmas Lectures 2020

15th December 2020

Enjoy free online lectures by six intrepid Physicists from the University of Warwick, featuring mind-boggling experiments for budding young scientists.

Written by Paul Warwick

The Best of Both Worlds

14th December 2020

Redeveloping a website during the pandemic - our Digital Lead Sarah discusses the journey of redesigning our new site &…

Written by Sarah

It Gets Lighter From Here

1st December 2020

Hundreds of 60 second digital commissions, providing moments of happiness and hope, to be released throughout the day on Monday…

Written by WMCRU

All of Me: The Audio and All of Me: The Twine

23rd November 2020

Adapting to new formats accessible during the pandemic, Caroline Horton and team leap into the digital, interactive world, with two…

Written by Mobius

Freelance Task Force Reflections

27th October 2020

Rafia Hussain shares with us, her thoughts and experiences; having been part of the Freelance Task Force, sponsored by China…

Written by Rafia Hussain

Beyond Boats On An Ocean

16th October 2020

Andrea explains about the aims behind Boats On An Ocean, and the workshop that inspired the piece.

Written by Andrea

Boats On An Ocean

5th October 2020

A 10 minute audio piece exploring the emotional impact on healthcare professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic, contrasted with the hero…

Written by Sarah

Where I Go (When I Can’t Be Where I Am)

8th August 2020

Adapted from The Shape of the Pain, this new short film created in isolation is a powerful & intimate insight…

Written by Mobius