A woman standing on stage, her right hand is slightly lifted, captions projected behind her read 'He squeezes his lovely eyes tight, am I almost tell him they are lovely'

China Plate seeks to create an inclusive environment in which the creativity of all (whether as artists, audiences, participants or staff members) can flourish.

We are committed to enabling and facilitating professional, accessible, ethical and productive working environments.

We recognise that there are barriers to access and that the issue is not the responsibility of marginalised groups or individuals, but created by structures and institutions that have, whether from ignorance or apathy, excluded those groups and individuals.

China Plate endeavours to actively integrate access provision and inclusive practice into our productions and creative environments. We also prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of artists and creative teams. Visit our Artist & Producers page to read our Artist Wellbeing Policy.

The Shape of the Pain by Rachel Bagshaw
Photo © The Other Richard

Universal icons for audio described, captioned, BSL interpreted and relaxed performances

We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy our shows. For this reason, our programme includes various accessible performances and events:

  • Audio Described
  • Captioned
  • BSL interpreted
  • Relaxed performances

Below you will find a filtered list of shows from our What’s On page.

If you have specific access requirements, or require information about building access, please visit the relevant venue or organisation website to get in touch with their box office/event team.

For more information, please email [email protected].