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Boats On An Ocean

An audio piece exploring the emotional impact on healthcare professionals during the pandemic, contrasted with the hero narrative.

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All of Me: The Audio

An audio version of the hit Edinburgh stage show, recorded in a living room in lockdown.

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All of Me: The Twine

An interactive digital journey through the hit Edinburgh stage show.

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On Our Way

We're On Our Way to convert bus stops along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road into art galleries.

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All of Me

POSTPONED: An intimate & absurd exploration of wanting to live, wanting to die & what can happen if we sit together with the dark.

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Humans Not Heroes

A unique co-creation project with professional artists, to represent healthcare worker experiences of Covid-19.

  • By China Plate, Coventry University & Kerry Wykes
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We all have a nationality. Or almost all of us. Status is a show about someone who doesn't want his any more.

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