Anti-Racism Touring Rider

Written by Sammy
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11th June 2021

Launching Anti-Racism Touring Rider

A practical tool to make touring a safer, more equitable environment.

Over the course of the last year we have been talking with a number of touring organisations about how we can help build a fairer, more equal industry. Following the creation of the ‘New Normal’ Manifesto written by freelance theatre makers bought together by Fuel, we collectively saw the need to create practical tools to help us build a theatre industry that can be aware of and act against racism. We’re really excited to be part of a national launch of this significant piece of work and hope that it will make touring a safer, more welcoming, more equitable and creatively free sector to work in.

We’re proud to have played a small part in the creation of this document and hope it can be embraced across the sector. This initiative could not have happened without the support of a large number freelancers who shared their lived, and often very painful, experiences with the team who put it together. The 42 pages of feedback received has culminated into the 9 page document that is the rider, and we want it to belong to those who fed into its creation as much as us touring companies. We would also like to acknowledge and thank all of the people who have been working to highlight and challenge racism in the arts and society in general for many years. The fact that we were able to collectively create this practical tool is only possible due to their work and their lived experience.

We have adopted the Anti Racism Rider as an important statement of intent and will work with colleagues from across the industry to implement it. This much needed resource will be embedded in China Plate’s Equality and Diversity strategy which is currently being redeveloped and will be launched by the end of 2021.

Graphic image which says 'Anti-Racism Touring Rider - a guidelines document to make touring a safer, more equitable environment'

Please find below a copy of the Anti-Racism Touring Rider to download, alongside the Rider Check List.

There are accessible versions available, including large print, easy read, screen reader and BSL.

For more information, please visit the Anti-Racism Touring Rider website here.

If you would like to get in touch with China Plate about our Anti-Racism policy work, please email our Executive Director Chloe Courtney at [email protected].