Mad Blood Stirring: Fives minutes with Anna Soden

Written by Sarah
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22nd February 2019
A young woman singing into a microphone and playing a guitar, standing in front of a wall.

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Gripping story-telling, live music and striking visual effects take young audiences on a heart-wrenching journey as they follow Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers towards their tragic end. We chat to Anna Soden who plays Juliet.

Can you describe Juliet in three words?

Courageous; intelligent, defiant.

In our version of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is an absolute rock star, what is your favourite song to sing in the shower?

“Thunderbirds are go” by Busted.. (Tell me that isn’t a banging song!)

Who is your actor/musician hero and what would you say to them if you got to meet them?

David Bowie (RIP)- I don’t think I’d manage to say anything though, I’d be too in awe!

The Capulets host a big party in Romeo and Juliet, who are your three dream party guests?

Emily Bronte, Shakespeare and Dolly Parton. We’d definitely put the world to rights, and smash out some karaoke.

Romeo and Juliet is about feuding families. Which fictional family would you like to be a member of?

The Weasley’s in Harry Potter! I don’t think there’d be any feuding – and I’d love Julie Walters to be my mum.


Romeo and Juliet – Mad Blood Stirring toured nationally to The Albany, London; The Core at Corby Cube; Z-arts, Manchester; Warwick Arts Centre; New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth and Oxford Playhouse.

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Photo: Anna Soden playing Juliet, in Romeo & Juliet – Mad Blood Stirring.