Caroline Horton & Co and China Plate present

All of Me: The Twine

It’s still about death and depression…sorry about that.


Run time: Variable

Age: 14+

Content warnings: All of Me: The Twine explores themes of depression and suicide. Contains strong language. Flashing images and visual effects. Heightened description of drinking alcohol.

A woman wearing a head dress, standing at a table made of scaffolding, which has a computer screen on top of it.

"...the game is gripping, raw, intimate and ingeniously delivered. It mirrors the clamour of mental illness in its branching, unpredictable structure and textual tricks."

The Stage

A woman lying curled up on the floor, in a t-shirt and knickers, holding a microphone to her mouth.

All of Me: The Twine

By Caroline Horton and Alex Swift
Based on the stage show All of Me by Caroline Horton

All of Me: The Twine is an intimate, absurd online exploration for one player of wanting to live, wanting to die and what can happen if we sit together with the dark.

Adapted from the grudgingly hopeful, occasionally funny stage show, this is Caroline and director Alex Swift’s first leap into the world of interactive digital work. In this new Twine version, the player must navigate their own journey through this unapologetically dark show about dark things.

Twine is an online tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

All of Me: The Twine was shortlisted for the if:book UK New Media Writing Prize Award 2021.

‘Superb creative innovation’The Stage

‘Form shapes the meaning of the content, in the most exciting, theatrical way possible’Exeunt Magazine

★★★★★ “a show that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and shakes you, first with laughter, then with dread, then finally with a sense of awe at both the darkness and the light within us all.” – The Independent

Winner of The Mental Health Fringe Award 2019 presented by the Mental Health Foundation in partnership with The Scotsman and The Tron Theatre, and Winner of The Stage Award for Excellence 2019.

This twine project was funded by Arts Council England.

The original stage production was commissioned by Cambridge Junction and The Yard and supported by UCL Culture. Our additional commissioning partners were: Harlow Playhouse, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Theatr Iolo, ARC Stockton Arts Centre, The Brewhouse Arts Centre Burton, Camden People’s Theatre and Folkestone Quarterhouse with support from Battersea Arts Centre, artsdepot, Midlands Arts Centre and In Good Company.

The stage show is now scheduled to tour in Spring 2022.

For more information, please visit the All of Me stage show page.

Photo © Ed Collier

Creative Team

A woman holding a globe and microphone in the dark, the globe lights up her face.

Caroline Horton

An award-winning theatre maker, performer, writer & director; currently touring the UK with All of Me.

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  • By Caroline Horton and Alex Swift | Based on the stage show All of Me by Caroline Horton
  • Illustrations and Design Consultancy | Eleanor Field
  • Sound Design | Elena Peña
  • Original songs by | Caroline Horton & James Atherton
  • Interactive Dramaturgy | William Drew
  • Digital Consultancy | Jason Crouch
  • Produced by | Caroline Horton & Co and China Plate
  • Song credit: "One More Fluorescent Rush" | Written and produced by Avalon Emerson (ASCAP); courtesy of AD 93 Records
  • The creatives who worked on the original stage production were |
  • Associate Director | Lucy Hopkins
  • Designer | Eleanor Field
  • Lighting Designer | Katharine Williams
  • Associate Sound Designer | Charlotte Bickley
  • Dramaturg | Annie Siddons
  • Production Managers | Anthony Osborne & Jules Riley
  • Artist Wellbeing Practitioner | Lou Platt

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All of Me

An intimate and absurd exploration of wanting to live, wanting to die and what can happen if we sit together with the dark.

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