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The Optimists 2022

Are you an emerging artist, creative practitioner, or aspiring producer hoping to develop your skills as a professional producer, or as a producer of your own work? Apply now for our online training course The Optimists!

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On Our Way

Created by China Plate in association with Birmingham Hippodrome, we're On Our Way to convert bus stops along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road into art galleries with Artist Curator Nilupa Yasmin. If you would like to find out more, or get involved, please get in touch.

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A bus stop decorated with a repeated patterned vinyl. A young woman can be seen through the pattern standing at the bus stop.

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Humans Not Heroes

A unique opportunity for healthcare workers to come together in an online creative space to connect and share their experiences of working through the pandemic.

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A black and white photograph of a persons face behind a plastic shield and glasses, dressed in full PPE.

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All of Me: The Audio

Adapted from the grudgingly hopeful, occasionally funny, multi award-winning stage show All of Me; Caroline Horton, Alex Swift & Elena Peña bring you a dark audio trip about dark things.

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A woman sitting on the floor, holding a microphone, surrounded by white material and some scaffolding in the background.

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All of Me: The Twine

An intimate, absurd online exploration for one player, who must navigate their own journey through this unapologetically dark show about dark things. By Caroline Horton & Alex Swift, based on the stage show All of Me.

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A woman wearing a head dress, standing at a table made of scaffolding, which has a computer screen on top of it.

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Anti-Racism Rider

Along with 25+ other national touring companies, we launch The Anti-Racism Touring Rider - a practical tool to make touring a safer, more welcoming, more equitable and creatively free sector to work in.

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Graphic image which says 'Anti-Racism Touring Rider - a guidelines document to make touring a safer, more equitable environment'

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Boats On An Ocean

An audio piece exploring the emotional impact on healthcare professionals during the pandemic, contrasted with the hero narrative.

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All of Me: The Audio

An audio version of the hit Edinburgh stage show, recorded in a living room in lockdown.

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All of Me: The Twine

An interactive digital journey through the hit Edinburgh stage show.

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On Our Way

We're On Our Way to convert bus stops along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road into art galleries.

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All of Me

POSTPONED: An intimate & absurd exploration of wanting to live, wanting to die & what can happen if we sit together with the dark.

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Humans Not Heroes

A unique co-creation project with professional artists, to represent healthcare worker experiences of Covid-19.

  • By China Plate, Coventry University & Kerry Wykes
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Trash is a dark musical comedy taking the form of a crime caper. What happens when appearances and friendships become a commodity?

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Bus Boycott

This upbeat musical featuring Ska, Calypso and Pop tells the story of an epic and vital fight for fundamental human rights.

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We all have a nationality. Or almost all of us. Status is a show about someone who doesn't want his any more.

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Culture Recovery Fund

19th November 2021

China Plate to receive support from the third round of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

China Plate to receive support from the third round of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

Written by Ed & Paul

Beep Beep – We’re Back!

28th October 2021

We’re On Our Way to convert bus stops along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road into galleries.

Written by Aksana

More Than A Moment Pledge

24th September 2021

We sign & commit to the More Than A Moment pledge; to ensure equity, investment in and opportunities with and…

Written by Sammy


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The Optimists Spring 2022

An online training course for emerging artists, creative practitioners and aspiring producers....

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