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We’re looking for a skilled and creative new Producer to join our friendly and versatile team. This person will take the lead on producing touring theatre work, as well as helping us to find and develop new ideas for national stages.

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The Optimists Spring 2023

Are you an emerging artist, creative practitioner or aspiring producer hoping to develop your professional producing skills in the subsidised arts sector? Apply now for our training course The Optimists in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre.

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Wuthering Heights

Channelling Emily Brontë’s piercing wit and fierce emotion, Inspector Sands bring their characteristic humour, passion, and pathos to the infamous love story of Heathcliff and Catherine. A China Plate, Inspector Sands, Royal & Derngate, Northampton and Oxford Playhouse co-production.

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Longing to Belong

Commissioned by BBC Arts, Longing to Belong is a new short musical film about a Jamaican girl’s desire to fit in in 1960s Bristol, inspired by China Plate and Birmingham Hippodrome’s brand-new stage musical To The Streets! A show that tells the inspiring story of the Bristol Bus Boycott.

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Soho Settlers

Discover the history of Handsworth with a brand-new heritage walk by Black Heritage Walks Network and digitally pinned audio pieces on the Overhear App. Presented by Birmingham 2022 Festival, a China Plate and Birmingham Hippodrome project. A Creative City Project generously supported by Birmingham City Council.

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On Our Way

Artist Nilupa Yasmin, alongside residents from North Birmingham, have collaborated to make over 8 bus stops into stained glass galleries along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road in Birmingham. Each one tells the stories of the communities that make up the area. Presented as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

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Humans Not Heroes

Five cohorts of healthcare workers have each co-created an audio artwork based on their experiences of working throughout the ongoing pandemic. Featuring as part of the Coventry Creates 2021 digital exhibition, Thresholds is now available.

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Boats On An Ocean

An audio piece exploring the emotional impact on healthcare professionals during the pandemic, contrasted with the hero narrative.

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On Our Way

We're On Our Way to convert bus stops along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road into art galleries.

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Humans Not Heroes

A unique co-creation project with professional artists, to represent healthcare worker experiences of Covid-19.

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Soho Settlers

Take in new places and hear new voices with a co-created digital walk of Handsworth.

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A Family Business

Exploring the behaviour and politics humans experience every day, but rarely stop to challenge.

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Please Do Not Touch

Some people steal and end up in prison, whilst others steal and are Knighted, where we start influences where we end up...

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Trash is a dark musical comedy taking the form of a crime caper. What happens when appearances and friendships become a commodity?

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Introducing our Intern

10th March 2023

We are delighted to welcome Orla to the team, as part of a B-Experienced Internship from the University of Birmingham.

We are delighted to welcome Orla to the team, as part of a B-Experienced Internship from the University of Birmingham.

Written by Orla

Getting Started with Funding

24th February 2023

A free workshop exploring the key principles in applying for funding and the different types of funding available.

Written by Kristina

Get to know Inspector Sands

31st January 2023

In an interview with Inspector Sands, we find out more about the company, and their new production Wuthering Heights.

Written by Sarah Isaacs


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The Optimists Spring 2023

Are you an emerging producer or creative hoping to develop your professional producing skills in the subsidised arts sector? Check out The Optimists!...

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Are you a skilled and creative Producer? Do you enjoy taking a leadership role? Apply now for our Producer role!...

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