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Please Do Not Touch

Mason is an activist. He's always been able to talk his way out of trouble, win any argument and speak out against injustice until an incident in a heritage house takes all that away from him. Written by Casey Bailey and directed by Gail Babb, Please Do Not Touch will have its world premiere at the Belgrade Theatre this September.

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To the left of the image are three photos of a young male overlapping one another upon a background image of the front of a building. The main photo of the young man is a headshot with him looking directly at the camera. The photo behind shows the man looking down at a phone in his hand. The photo in the foreground shows the man with his eyes closed and hands in his trouser pockets looking up slightly.

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Humans Not Heroes

Six cohorts of healthcare workers have each co-created an audio artwork based on their real-life experiences of working throughout the pandemic. The pieces feature as part of the UNMASKED: Real Stories of Nursing in Covid-19 exhibition at the RCN Scotland Learning Hub in Edinburgh.

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A woman wearing a disposable mask, sitting on a bus alone.

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Longing to Belong

Commissioned by BBC Arts, Longing to Belong is a new short musical film about a Jamaican girl’s desire to fit in in 1960s Bristol, inspired by China Plate and Birmingham Hippodrome’s brand-new stage musical To The Streets! A show that tells the inspiring story of the Bristol Bus Boycott.

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A woman standing on a bus holding her right hand in the air whilst singing.

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Soho Settlers

Discover the history of Handsworth with a brand-new heritage walk by Black Heritage Walks Network and digitally pinned audio pieces on the Overhear App. Presented by Birmingham 2022 Festival, a China Plate and Birmingham Hippodrome project. A Creative City Project generously supported by Birmingham City Council.

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A close up of a phone screen in a person's hand.

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On Our Way

Artist Nilupa Yasmin, alongside residents from North Birmingham, have collaborated to make over 8 bus stops into stained glass galleries along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road in Birmingham. Each one tells the stories of the communities that make up the area. Presented as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

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Photograph of a bus stop outside a temple, decorated with stain glass style patterns.

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On Our Way

We're On Our Way to convert bus stops along the iconic 74 route on the Soho Road into art galleries.

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Soho Settlers

Take in new places and hear new voices with a co-created digital walk of Handsworth.

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Humans Not Heroes

A co-created series of audio pieces made with artists and healthcare workers exploring their experiences of the Covid pandemic.

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Talking About The Fire

Very few of us have lived in a world without nuclear weapons. If they continue to exist, we won't. That’s how this started.

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Trash is a dark musical comedy taking the form of a crime caper. What happens when appearances and friendships become a commodity?

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A man and woman stand on stage beneath a structure made of cables and wires which hang from the ceiling. Some of the wires trail down to the stage. The structure is lite up, creating shadows on the floor of the stage. The woman is holding a bunch of flowers.

Introducing our new Administrator & Trustees

5th April 2024

We're delighted to welcome Zahra Meghji as our new Administrator, alongside Raidene Carter, Cerian Eiles, Christina Elliot & Paul Hewlett…

We're delighted to welcome Zahra Meghji as our new Administrator, alongside Raidene Carter, Cerian Eiles, Christina Elliot & Paul Hewlett to our Board of Trustees.

Written by Chloe


27th February 2024

Take part in the #CultureMatters campaign - find out how you can help to advocate for why culture matters and…

Written by Paul Warwick

Finding Your Inner Producer

9th February 2024

Join China Plate's Training & Development Producer Kristina Hall and Curiosity Productions Creative Director, Jenny Smith to discover your inner…

Written by Kristina

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