Bristol Bus Boycott

Written by Kianna
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31st August 2022

If you are interested in learning more about the historical events that have inspired our new musical To The Streets! our intern Kianna has created a timeline of the significant moments leading up to, and during the Bristol Bus Boycott. Click on the link below to view.

You can also read about how the musical has developed, from an initial idea to inception, and what our future plans include here:

We would like to dedicate our performances to the activists. Some have left us, some are still with us, all continue to inspire us daily.  Thank you Paul Stephenson, Roy Hackett, Guy Bailey, Joyce-Morris Wisdom, Barbara Dettering, Owen Henry, Audley Evans, Prince Brown, Raghbir Singh and everyone who took to the streets.

If you are interested to learn even more about the Bristol Bus Boycott, click on the link here to read ‘Black and White on the Busses’ by Madge Dresser (Hon. Research Fellow, University of the West of England – Bristol UK).


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