RISE Again Legacy 2022

Written by Andrea
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15th November 2023

We’re delighted to be launching our RISE Again 2022 legacy videos – capturing some key tips and opportunities from the three half-day events from last year. All videos are captioned & BSL interpreted.

Video 1: No Pain, No Gain – includes highlights from our panel discussion which brought together creatives from different disciplines to share their thoughts on protecting yourself from burnout.

Video 2: Dreaming & Planning – highlights from Day 2, including a short activity to allow you to dream BIG and begin to think about the next steps to get you your dreams followed by 5 top tips from Akosua Boakye on Achieving Your Goals.

Video 3: Taxes 101 – includes top tips from Cathy Waller’s session on the difference between freelance and PAYE, and how to do a tax return as a freelancer.

Please note: These are tips created from information on self-employed tax returns in the financial year 2021/22. For the latest information and guidance go to this link:

What was RISE Again?

RISE Again was a free online and accessible digital event providing workshops, talks, panel discussions and networking opportunities for early career and emerging creatives and artists aged 18+.

“I thought [Akosua’s] session was extremely refreshing and so powerful to engage in… I will definitely remember this session for a long time and the inspirational words and advice given.” – RISE Again Delegate

Co-designed by alumni of China Plate’s Young Producers, graduates of East London Dance’s The Fi.ELD and One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassadors. Further information about RISE and RISE Again can be found here on our webpage.

Who produced RISE Again?

This event would not have been possible without our 10 co-producers from across the three development programmes. These individuals designed, produced and hosted the event. We asked Ellen (Young Producers alumni), Joy (The Fi.ELD graduate) and Ruth (Dance Ambassador) a bit about the process and the skills involved:

Can you tell us a bit about the programme you were a part of (Young Producers, Dance Ambassadors and The Fi.ELD) and what you learnt?

Ellen: I was part of the Young Producers 2022 cohort, which involved co-producing a three-day multi-arts festival VIVACITY. In partnership with China Plate and Warwick Arts Centre, this programme introduced me to producing, and taught me about the arts industry, how to organise events, liaise with artists, and work as part of a team.

Joy: The FI.ELD is a programme that brings together aspiring producers from different artistic areas, such as dance, theatre, or music. It provides an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge, with the support of mentors and industry experts, whilst collaboratively working together to design and deliver your own project. We produced an event at Talent House, which included a jam night, dance performances, panel discussions and lots more!

Ruth: I was a part of One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassador Programme for 2 years. Throughout the programme I had the opportunity to learn about advocating for dance and championing it in all its wonderful forms. I also had incredible opportunities to assist One Dance UK’s activities and events across the UK, both digitally and in person.

What was your role during RISE Again?

Ellen: I was on the programming team. Working with the other fantastic members of my team, this involved designing the event timetable, liaising with artists and creating artist contracts.

Joy: I was on the Marketing and Communications team, whose responsibility it was to work together to market our event. This included creating a brand (logos, colour scheme, etc). We also developed social media strategies, considering the different ways we could engage our target audience / community.

Ruth: I had the opportunity to help co-design and co-produce the event from the very early stages, including deciding our ultimate goals for the event and what themes we would explore each day. I worked on the marketing and communications side of the event with two other members of the team. This involved copywriting for different social media platforms, deciding on logos, launching the Eventbrite page and promoting the event.

What skills did you continue to develop through RISE Again?

Ellen: Through co-producing RISE Again, I was able to develop my skills in teamworking, organisation, and creative problem solving. Also by being a Zoom event, I learned more about online opportunities in the arts industry, improving my skills in ICT, and communication skills.

Joy: I think I can sum up this in 3 points:

  • Networking and building my confidence to put myself out there
  • Being able to bring together and work collaboratively with artists as co-designers and co-producers on an event that benefits our industry
  • Learning how producing an event offline can be applied in an online space

Ruth: Working with the RISE Again team was a wonderful opportunity to work with different people from different backgrounds and I was able to develop my communication skills through this. Thanks to RISE Again, I also continued to build upon my marketing knowledge and learn about the differences between hosting a digital event in comparison to an in-person one!

What are your aspirations for your future career?

Ellen: After being involved in RISE Again, I would love to explore producing as a career option more now. Co-producing RISE Again was a great opportunity I enjoyed and was able to gain many skills from, so in the future I would like to do something similar.

Joy: I’d like to focus on developing creative communities in different parts of London, encouraging informal discussions and collective thinking. I am also passionate about interdisciplinary practice, being someone who has an arts background, but also health, social welfare, and policy, and see the potential in bringing these together to explore British identity, British life experiences, transnational communities, and the growth of neighbourliness. I’m currently developing three projects related to these, and more information is available here:

Ruth: I’d like to continue developing my choreography and teaching skills by teaching dance classes in my local community and further afield. The ultimate dream is to set up my own dance company!

We can’t wait to see what these and all our alumni and RISE Again delegates go on to do next!

Let us know how you found the legacy videos and what your next steps are with your own career in the arts on social media, using #RISEAgain2022.

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