An Early Years theatre project taking quality creative experiences into rural settings.

Run time: Varies

Age: Pre-school children

A young man dressed in costume, looking directly at the camera.

"Children were mesmerised by the shows - the concentration and enjoyment was plain to see on their faces. The reaction of the parents on their children's enjoyment of both shows had a huge impact."

Early Years Practitioner

A group of children holding their hands in the air, copying two adults who are doing the same in front of them


In 2018 China Plate joined forces with Surrey Arts and Take Art to launch Hopper, a pilot initiative that created opportunities for over 3,500 babies and pre-school children to access top quality creative experiences, tailored to their unfolding minds and imagination.

Taking place over two-years, Hopper brought specially created theatre shows into pre-schools, nurseries, theatres, libraries and children’s centres, focusing on children from disadvantaged areas in Somerset and Surrey.

The project also supported seven theatre companies in developing new high quality and relevant performances with creative input from children and Early Years staff and built new infrastructure for small scale touring of Early Years work through  supporting local venues.

During the project Take Art, Surrey Arts and China Plate also worked in partnership with key local theatres; The Brewhouse in Taunton; Bridgwater Arts Centre, The egg in Bath and Camberley Theatre in Surrey.

Hopper is supported by the Arts Council Strategic Touring Fund and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Photo © Take Art

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