China Plate and Inspector Sands present

Rock Pool

When a big storm whips up the sea, two creatures are left stranded in a lonely rock pool…


Run time: 45 minutes

Age: 3+

A graphic drawing of a crab and shrimp in a Rockpool

Western Mail

4 stars

Everything Theatre

4 stars

"A splash hit… in every sense of the word!"

Western Mail

Two people sit under a purple cloak looking upwards.

Rock Pool

By Inspector Sands

Written by Ben Lewis
Directed by Lucinka Eisler

When a big storm whips up the sea, two creatures are left stranded in a lonely rock pool…

Prawn and Crab could not be more different. They look different, act different, and when Crab gets hungry – about every 5 minutes – it’s all Prawn can do to stop being eaten. But as the sun beats down and their little pool starts to drain away, they don’t have long to find a way of getting on and getting home.

Funny, tender, exuberant, partially-submerged theatre from award-winning company Inspector Sands. Featuring rock music and splashy dancing!

‘…utterly charming throughout and really good’British Theatre Guide

‘Rock Pool is a lovely piece of theatre… there were smiles and cheers throughout the performance.’ – Everything Theatre

‘Full of laughter and rock and roll fun, Rock Pool was a brilliant trip underwater!’ – Theatre and Tea Blog

Commissioned by Farnham Maltings and Arts Partnership Surrey in association with Take Art and supported by artsdepot, South Street Reading and Discover Children’s Centre.

Photo © Kirsten Mcternan

Audio Play

In Summer/Autumn 2020, Rock Pool was adapted into a 6-part audio play for 4 – 7 year olds.

Narrated by Gillian Burke, presenter of BBC’s Springwatch, Rock Pool is perfect to listen to as a family, or to enjoy by yourself on headphones.

Created by Inspector Sands in association with Trigger. Based on the original stage show by Inspector Sands.

For more information, please visit Inspector Sands website here.

Creative Team

Two women sitting side by side, in separate armchairs, dressed in nurse scrubs.

Inspector Sands

Inspector Sands are known for their irresistible mix of comedy and pathos.

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  • Prawn | Lucinka Eisler / Thomas O'Connell
  • Crab | Giulia Innocenti
  • Narrator | Ben Lewis
  • Co-creator | Giulia Innocenti
  • Designer | Yukiko Tsukamato (Design developed with Laura Hopkins)
  • Sound Designer | Elena Pena
  • Lighting Designer | Matthew Haskins
  • Composer | Tom Mills
  • Production Manager | Chris Marsh-Hilfiker
  • Filmmaker | Rachel Bunce
  • Produced by | China Plate & Lucy Moore

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