Caroline Horton and Co with China Plate and The Bush Theatre present


This is my world, I am the king, I make the rules and everyone else can go f**k off. This is off-shore.


Run time: 70 minutes

Age: 13+

A man in a red swimming costume and sun glasses, next to a woman in a striped top, yellow swimming cap and goggles. She is squeezing something in her hand which is dripping blood.

A Younger Theatre

5 stars

The List

4 stars

Broadway Baby

4 stars

"A disgusting, exuberant, foul, eloquent, lavatorial piece of popular theatre mashed up with performance art"

Dan Rebellato

A woman singing into a microphone, she is wearing a rugby head guard.


Written by Caroline Horton
Directed by Omar Elerian

Islands is an illuminating, absurd and powerful new show about tax havens, little empires, enormous greed and the few who have it all. Hilarious and unnerving, this ink black comedy with music plunges you into a monstrous, secretive world where it really seems that no-one has to pay…. for anything. Head off-shore and frolic with those who have it all worked out, as they feed their addiction to wealth, power and material stuff.

Oxfam estimates that there is $18.5 trillion siphoned out of the world economy into tax havens by wealthy individuals alone. Christian Aid has calculated that 1,000 children die every day as a result of tax evasion. This is not just a political or social challenge; this is a matter of human rights.

“Caroline Horton’s daring drama is revolutionary…a most gutsy and searching production.” – A Younger Theatre

“Audacious, brutal,scatological and not for the squeamish, the excellent ensemble of bouffons and camp queens leave stains wherever they land, and they’re hard to remove. They lampoon apathy and complacent anti-voters in fine lusty voice…The kind of agit-prop it didn’t seem possible to make anymore.” – The List

“deeply challenging, extremely entertaining and a little gross.” – Broadway Baby

“The year’s most talked about piece of theatre” – Andrew Haydon

“What you see, hear, and smell is a playful, overblown, monstrous journey”Total Theatre

Commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre. Funded by Arts Council England and kindly supported by the Unity Theatre Trust, Oxford Playhouse and South Street Arts Centre.

Islands was developed in consultation with specialist economic advisers including John Christensen of The Tax Justice Network.

Photo © Helen Murray

Creative Team

A woman holding a globe and microphone in the dark, the globe lights up her face.

Caroline Horton

An award-winning theatre maker, performer, writer & director; currently touring the UK with All of Me.

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  • Writer | Caroline Horton
  • Director | Omar Elerian
  • Performers | Simon Startin, John Biddle, Seiriol Davies & Hannah Ringham
  • Designer | Oliver Townsend
  • Lighting Designer | Jackie Shemesh
  • Sound Designer | Elena Pena
  • Original songs and music | John Biddle & Seiriol Davies
  • Script Consultant | Selma Dimitrijevic
  • Additional lyrics | Caroline Horton
  • Additional arrangements & composition | Elena Pena
  • Assistant Director | Lucy Skilbeck
  • Costume Supervisor | Antonia Day
  • Production Manager | Ethan Hudson
  • Stage Manager | Jennifer Hunting
  • Filmmaker | Rachel Bunce
  • Producer | China Plate

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