Caroline Horton & Co and China Plate present

You’re Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy

An eccentric, acutely myopic French woman’s tale of love in World War 2.


Run time: 60 minutes

Age: 11+

A woman wearing a brown coat, white scarf and fluffy hat, with her arms out stretched and a suitcase in one hand.


4 stars

Time Out

4 stars

Financial Times

4 stars

"Walking back to my rented flat after witnessing Caroline Horton’s one-woman tour de force, a funny thing happened – I started sobbing with what I can only describe as pure joy."


An image of a woman with green hair and red glasses, against the colours of the French flag.

You’re Not Like the Other Girl Chrissy

Written by Caroline Horton
Directed by Omar Elerian & Daniel Goldman

January 1945, Paris is liberated. Christiane, an eccentric and acutely myopic Parisian waits at Gare Du Nord for a ticket to England to be reunited with her fiancé. Whilst she waits, this gloriously irrepressible Mademoiselle recounts the extraordinary story of her love affair with Cyril, a tongue-tied teacher from Staffordshire. From a chance encounter at Cheadle tennis club, their story takes us on to cosmopolitan 1930s Paris before war interrupts their unlikely romance. A fond, comical tender, comical and ultimately poignant portrait of one woman’s experience of love and war.

In 2002, Caroline’s French grandmother, Christiane, moved into sheltered housing. Amongst a lifetime of clutter, Caroline found a shoebox containing wartime letters. She has pieced together this story from Christiane’s letters and from their conversations about her youth, her love affair with Cyril Horton and her memories of occupied France.

Olivier Award Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Affiliate Theatre 2013

Winner of the Stage Awards Best Solo Performer 2010

‘It’s a tale she tells with plenty of charm, but a gratifying lack of sentiment…As somebody whose grandparents went through similar, I’m not ashamed to say I found myself welling up at the dénouement.’Time Out

‘…gathers in both charm and emotional engagement until even a hardened hack may be on the brink of tears. Winsome in all the best ways, this Horton may not be hearing a “Who?” for very long.’Financial Times

Commissioned by China Plate, Warwick Arts Centre and Mac birmingham.

Image © Jono Boyle

Creative Team

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Caroline Horton

An award-winning theatre maker, performer, writer & director; currently touring the UK with All of Me.

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  • Writer & Performer | Caroline Horton
  • Co-Directors | Oman Elerian & Daniel Goldman
  • Dramaturg / Assistant Director | Clare Betney
  • Lighting Designer | Ben Pacey
  • Filmmaker | Rachel Bunce
  • Producer | China Plate

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