It Gets Lighter From Here

A Midlands wide digital initiative, providing multiple moments of hope, happiness and possibility for the future


Run time: Throughout 21st December 2020

A view through a window, with rain splatters and colourful lights.
A blue diamond shape with the words 'It Gets Lighter From Here' inside of it, against a pale yellow background.

It Gets Lighter From Here

The 21st of December – the Winter Solstice – was the shortest day and longest night of 2020 – a year characterised by loss, frustration and anxiety for many.

In response to this moment, artists and cultural institutions across the Midlands came together to provide multiple moments of happiness and hope under the banner: It Gets Lighter From Here.

Throughout the day, 60 second digital commissions from Midlands based theatre-makers, musicians, dancers, poets, storytellers, visual artists, decorative artists and many more, were released. Each piece was no more than 60 seconds long and shared across social media platforms, creating a region wide celebration of optimism and possibility for the future.

Over 40 West Midlands institutions commissioned more than 150 artists from the region to create new work.

For a full list of artists and organisations taking part, please visit Culture Central’s website.

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China Plate commissioned ten new pieces of work for It Gets Lighter From Here.

Three pieces were co-programmed with producer Rafia Hussain and three pieces with Deaf Explorer.


Search #ItGetsLighterFromHere to discover hundreds more reasons to smile.

For a full list of artists and organisations who took part, please visit Culture Central’s website.

Commissioned Artists

A sunset rising over the silhouette of buildings.

It Gets Lighter From Here

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  • Programmed by China Plate |
  • Anything is possible. Aim High, Fly Higher | Rinkoo Barpaga
  • Constants | Georgie Jones
  • Belief | Paul O'Donnell
  • Trick of the Light | Stephanie Ridings
  • |
  • Programmed by China Plate & Deaf Explorer |
  • Winter Wildlife Solstice | Ishtiaq Hussain
  • Conquérir | Asnath Losala
  • Yalda Night | Maral Mamaghanizadeh
  • |
  • Programmed by China Plate & Rafia Hussain |
  • Money Pieces | Erinn Dhesi
  • The Load Lightens | Sarah 'Rain' Kolawole
  • Light Detector | Rebecca Saw

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